Help center - Bobby

What is Bobby?

Here for the first time? Discover how Bobby can end meeting nightmares ... forever !

Bobby : Your new meeting assistant

Bobby is a chrome extension that helps you create, organize, and run your meetings. Always available in your browser, this tool :
  • Allows you to prepare an effective meeting in minutes
  • Tailor the time spent on the meeting
  • Limits the number of participants and the amount of time spent in the meeting
  • Helps the organizer to manage speaking time
  • Takes notes in real time on the subjects discussed and shares them with the participants
  • Memorises past meetings to keep track and focus on your projects
  • Speeds up the preparation of "routine" meetings by using our ready-to-use templates

How does it work in practice?

Bobby opens seamlessly on the right side of your screen, so it's there when you need it, and gone when you don't. Bobby accompanies the organizer, and intervenes
  • Before the meeting
    • Helps the speaker to identify the main topics of the meeting
    • Invites the participant only when their presence is useful
    • Generates and sends detailed invitations to speakers
  • During the meeting :
    • Clearly displays the topics and designates the speakers
    • Becomes the time keeper
    • Take notes and write up the minutes live
  • After the meeting
    • Formatting of the minutes in a highly readable format
    • Instantly share the minutes after the meeting
    • Intelligent document history (by date, subject)